Engineering Mathematics

Special Issue

Advanced Applied Mathematics for Medical Engineering and Medical Technique Applications

  • Submission Deadline: 31 May 2022
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Emin Taner Elmas
About This Special Issue
As an application branch of engineering and science, the medical technique has a broad range of execution. The medical devices, machines, equipment and apparatus are widely spread in use for the medical diagnosis and also treatment of the patients. Therefore, it is possible to say that medical technique is an inseparable part of medicine science. All over the world and also at the various spaces of the universe, changing from the robotic surgery to the space medicine, there are a lot of fields of application for the medical technique. This is an interdisciplinary technique and science, gathering up researchers, academicians, engineers and scientists having different branches and expertise, i.e. mechanical engineering, electrical electronics engineering, energy systems engineering, biomedical engineering, bioengineering, mechatronics engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, physics engineering, astronomy, fundamental physics and fundamental chemistry, biology, mathematics and also pharmacy, dentistry medicine and veterinary medicine.
This special issue aims to explain the importance of the engineering and fundamental science branches for the implementation of medicine science through the use of the medical techniques. it can also be seen obviously that the engineering technology has a great importance on the medicine science and also a great effect on the human health.
By means of introducing the below proposed areas of research in medical technique, the researchers, academicians, engineers and scientists can establish connections between the subjects of medical technique and their expertise, so they can proceed to study on those areas. After having studied on those medical technique areas defined as below, many engineers and scientists shall start to invent or develop medical devices, machines, equipment and apparatus which can provide medical diagnosis and also treatment of the patients. Moreover, these kind of researches and studies which require a multidisciplinary approach can also ensure the local production of the medical devices, machines, equipment and apparatus as well as contributes the development of engineering and science in connection with a welfare economy.
Applied Mathematics is the most important component of all of these medical engineering applications therefore, all subjects related with mathematics are also welcome to this special issue, as well as applied mathematics.


  1. Differential Equations
  2. Series and Transforms
  3. Matrices
  4. Linear Algebra
  5. Geometry
  6. Applied Mathematics
  7. Advanced Applied Mathematics
  8. Special Subjects in mathematics
  9. Engineering Mathematics
  10. Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Lead Guest Editor
  • Emin Taner Elmas

    Division of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies, Department of Automotive Technology and Major Science Department of Bioengineering & BioSciences, Igdir University, Igdir, Turkey